I met Chris 8 years ago at a local health club. I thought I’d give him a try so bought 4 sessions to test him out. At the time I was trying desperately to lose weight and get healthy. I was diabetic and had high blood pressure and cholesterol. Since I had never really exercised and really disliked it, Chris started me out easy and focused on increasing my metabolic rate to get my body burning more calories. I was impressed at his knowledge of exercise and nutrition and that he lived the lifestyle I needed. Through Chris’ guidance, I learned how to eat properly and move.  As a result, I lost several stones and am now off all medication. I’m fit and healthy and at age 60, have never felt better.
Mike Nigro
I first enrolled onto the programme with Chris as a way to take my fitness to the next level. I had enjoyed HIT classes with Chris, but felt that the rest of my training was not progressing as well as it should. Chris’ holistic approach to training included both nutrition, training and recovery to maximize results. Chris was always there to tailor the programme to my individual needs , so it always felt fresh and challenging. The feedback and tips given during the programme really helped to accelerate my results. During my 7 months on the programme I was able to get into the best shape of my life, increased my energy levels and overall health. The plan equips you with the knowledge to continue the lessons onwards to achieve a sustainable plan for the long term. I would highly recommended Chris to anyone looking to take their fitness to the next level.
Chris Neal
If you told me a couple of years ago that I would quit smoking, have a healthy diet, and eagerly exercise, even running a bit I would probably say that you were dreaming. I will say to everyone that if they want to make changes in their lifestyle then do so and not to think you’re alone or unable. Ask for help and support if you need it. I know I couldn’t have done it without the support of my boyfriend, friends, family and the continuous help and patience of Chris.
Ana Crespo-Garcia
I have been training with Chris for over 10 years and as such can speak with confidence in his abilities. As I have changed with age he has adapted my training and always taken the time to be aware of any potential problems or indicators that would require a revised training plan . Chris is always pushing his own performance and understanding; including research into dietary and other complimentary routes for more effective training . It is a real desire to see the best come from all clients regardless of age or ability that lies behind his passion for training I can't recommend highly enough !
David Abrams
Chris is definitely the best personal trainer I ever had. He managed to keep me motivated during the whole time while I trained with him, which none of my previous trainers couldn't, as it's my main struggle. He helped me to improve my diet and changed little things in my eating habits which made a tremendous difference in the final results. Without any doubt, I would recommend Chris to anyone who is looking to change their body and life! Worth every penny! Thank you, Chris:)
I’d always thought of myself as pretty fit and had been working out regularly for a number of years. When I joined Virgin Active I decided to give Personal Training a go, just to see what it was like.

I was immediately impressed by the difference it made training with Chris. I’d always wanted to put on a bit more size but figured I just didn’t have the right physique. Chris created a targeted programme for me and within a few months, I was already seeing a really noticeable difference. And it didn’t involve spending any more time in the gym than I did before, it was just knowing the right things to do and having Chris encourage me to push harder and lift heavier than I ever thought I could.

Looking back at holiday photos, I am really amazed at the transformation. I never thought I’d be looking better than ever age 40!
Rob Holmes
Since May I've been training with Chris at our company provided group workout classes 2/3 times a week, I've also followed Chris' nutritional advice and health tips. Chris' group training classes are never the same, he pushes us hard every time —it's fun working out with colleagues. I've always been relatively healthy, but a wakeup call from high blood pressure gave me that extra focus and with Chris guidance I'm seeing consistent results week on week. I'm not looking at a quick fix, but a longstanding changed approach to my diet. I'm not starving myself at all, just eating intelligently. Over last four months I've now lost 10kg (1.5 Stone), reduced my blood pressure from (Stage 1 Hypertension) to 125/83 (Normal), resting heartrate from 65 to 58 dress size 14 16 — to 12.
Bex Jackson
I want to share my incredible experience working out with Chris. If you’re aiming to lose weight, get in shape, or transform your life, I highly recommend Chris. In just under three months, I’ve shed 15 kilos! Chris guided me not only in exercise but also with nutrition. His boxing classes are fantastic, and he provides tailored workouts for when I’m at home or on the go. Most importantly, he’s taught me to make better lifestyle choices. It’s not a diet; it’s a sustainable way of living. So, if you’re ready to make positive changes, reach out to Chris. He genuinely cares about your progress, and while he might push you, the results are worth it. Thank you, Chris!